Tuesday, 23 July 2013

DIY toddler materials

Here are a few materials my brother and I made for Finn.
Washers on a horizontal and bendy metal dowel. It's hard to hold the washers upside down and push up to get them onto the rod!
Interestingly, the cubes of this material were unpainted for many months, and Finn didn't pay any attention to it. It was only when they were painted that he started using it. It's the first material with which he has shown real concentration and repetition. We also sometimes tape the whole thing onto the side of his shelves so the dowel lies horizontally for more challenge.

My brother made this amazing puzzle for Finn. It's really fantastic as all the pieces are interchangeable. Finn loved taking all the pieces out to reveal the family photos underneath ever since he was tiny. Now I can ask him where grandad is and he will try hard to remember before lifting a piece out. I thought about changing the pictures from time to time but he really loves these ones.

Cubes on different sized dowels. Oh that's hard! He is still a bit young for this one at 18 months. There are two cubes for each dowel so he can't just stack them all on the small dowel.

Different sized circles. He can be deeply focused on this one.

Fantastic one shape puzzles my brother made! We put pictures of him underneath to play peek-a-boo.

 Another one by my talented brother. Finn is very interested in letters and sounds so this is perfect for him.


  1. Wow! Your brother is so talented - these materials look great! All the puzzles are so cool. I've thought about trying to make something similar to your washers on the horizontal rod activity... maybe one of these days! Looking forward to reading your new blog! :) Anne

  2. Hello! I jumped here from hewemontessori blog, and I must admit that the materials you and your brother made are wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing. I will show photos above to my partner maybe they will inspire him and mobilize him to create ones for Flower. Great job! I'm really impressed. Blanka

    1. Hi Blanka, thanks for your comment. Your blog is great and your little girl is very cute. Good luck for making the materials and let me know if you (or your husband!) decide to make any!

  3. Your brother's made some really beautiful gifts! going to have to show these to my brother!! He's a talented craftsman and a new dad... Double the reason to make some :-)


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