Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Finn's drawing

Finn draws every day. We have a few different mediums for him to use. His favourite pencils at the moment are the Stabilo Woody 3-in-1, and I love them too. They have a really thick lead and can be used as pencils, wax crayons or watercolour paint by just painting over the lines with water. The colours are really vibrant even with a light touch. We used to let him draw on the windows with them because they wash off so easily. We decided to stop when it became clear that he didn't understand not to draw on the walls! The Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 are pictured below. 
Below are the crayon rocks. Soy wax crayons in the shape of pebbles, easy to grasp for little hands. They give wide, colourful strokes, but you need to apply some pressure to get as much vibrancy as the Stabilo pencils above.
Here is our box of Melissa and Doug crayons. Finn loves the box because it has a slot for each crayon. He spends more time taking them in and out than drawing with them. When he does, the strokes are thin and pale, but nice anyway. They will be very appropriate for detailed drawings later on.
Felt-tipped pens. What he loves most about them are the caps at the moment. He likes to take each pen, take off the cap, make a scribble, and put the cap back on. He does this with all the pens until he has used all the colours.


Our body art pencils! He loves drawing over his legs, arms, feet and tummy, and all of my body too! 
You can see a drawing he made with the Melissa and Doug crayons below. 
And here's one with the Stabilo Woody pencils. This drawing is recent while the one above is a few weeks old. I love to see his drawing evolve!


  1. Thanks for sharing the drawing materials Finn uses. When did he start drawing? Elise is starting to show an interest in using pens and pencils, and I'm not really sure where to begin! I think I might look for some of the Stabilo woody 3 in 1 pencils.

  2. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, Anne. I think Finn started showing an interest around 13-14 months. What he was most fascinated with at first was our ball point pens because that's what he saw us use. He is still in love with them (as our walls can prove!) Nowadays he also loves highlighters.


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