Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Three period lesson with a toddler

Today I gave Finn a three period lesson on "cauliflower", "onion" and "pepper". Well... a two period lesson would be more accurate as he can't tell me the names back yet. 

I showed him each vegetable separately and pointed to him the characteristics, or told him a little story. For example, I mentioned that the cauliflower has big leaves that rabbits like to eat, that the onion has dry skin that we peel off before we cook it, and how shiny the red pepper was. The details help the child remember. He also held each one in his hands and didn't fail to notice that the onion was like a ball that could be thrown across the living room!

When I was about certain he would remember the names, I put all three on the tray and asked him to show me each one in turn after I called its name.

He had a lot of fun doing this activity and really loved exploring each item. He paid really close attention when I was saying the names, so I think it was a successsful lesson!

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