Thursday, 27 February 2014

Montessori materials in our home: Part 2

I didn't know there would be a part 2 to Monday's post. And I didn't think I would change my mind about what I had observed.
But... Finn surprised me and has been choosing to work with the cylinder blocks (1 and 2) almost constantly since yesterday!
They are on his shelves, along with the knobless cylinders, which he has been choosing as well. He likes to fit a few of the knobless cylinders into the cylinder blocks and pretend they are trains. So... he still has some way to go before he reaches some kind of concentrated effort, but I am now confident that our Montessori materials can help him on his path!
We started with a more formal Montessori environment two weeks ago. By more formal, I mean one where I can be 100% present for him without being tempted to do chores at the same time. This means that we have devoted what should be his bedroom (he sleeps with us for the moment) to a Montessori-style room.

His shelves contain some Montessori sensorial materials and other things like nesting owls, beads, lacing cards, an open and close basket, some matching cards... He had completely ignored the Montessori sensorial materials until yesterday, when he discovered them (although they had been there all along and I had presented them to him). Now he can't get enough of them and is ignoring the other bits and bobs in the room!
Trust the child! Trust Montessori!


  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space - he is one lucky boy! I love the hardwood stage you created! Is it handmade?

    1. Hi Deb, I just realised that my reply form the other day hasn't been posted! So sorry!
      The "stage" is just the table top from a coffee table we don't use at the moment. It's become Finn's block area :)

  2. Yes, thanks for sharing Finn's Montessori area - so lovely! Also, how interesting to hear the update about the sensorial materials - I am so inspired by the the way you "follow the child" with Finn! I'd also like to know about that homemade dressing frame I think I spy on the shelf - what a good idea!

    1. I "made" two dressing frames for Finn. One is a large buttons frame made with fleece. I just cut two pieces to fit the picture frame I had, attached them with safety pins, sewed the buttons on and cut slits for buttonholes! Very quick and easy to make and Finn loves it.
      The other one is even simpler. He outgrew a top that has snaps all along the back, so I just slipped that over another frame.It's not even attached. He likes to undo the snaps but can't reattach them yet.
      Have you made any dressing frames for Elise?

    2. No, but I've thought about it a lot! I have limited sewing skills, so both of those dressing frames sounds doable... Elise is really becoming interested in clothing and dressing herself - I better get on it!


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