Thursday, 24 April 2014

A few articles I enjoyed

I read a lot of online articles about education and here is a selection of the ones that got me thinking recently.

Montessori articles:

I really loved this one about the importance of uninterrupted work time in a school environment or at home, for adults and children alike.

I recently got confused when a friend told me she was looking for a play-based preschool for her daughter. I wasn't sure what she meant! Here is an article about work vs play in the early years.

Aubrey from Montessori Mischief has also addressed the debate in her article Do Children Work or Play?

Moral education:

Some surprising study outcomes on children's moral behaviour and how best we can support their development in this area.

And lastly, are we giving our children a conflicting message when it comes to the importance of consent?

What are the best articles you have read about education? Please share your links!

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