Thursday, 10 April 2014

A shadow theatre

I was completely inspired by my latest read (about one of the most likely technique used by prehistoric men to draw on cave walls) to try this shadow theatre at home.
It's a simple panel a cardboard with a large piece of paper taped over a frame cut in the middle. We use Finn's toys such as stuffed animals or Schleich animals to create stories from the shadows. We have also made a few silhouette shapes for some extras we needed (a crocodile, a man and a dinosaur). You can print some beautiful silhouettes off the Internet by Googling what you need. 

Finn loves crocodiles at the moment so we have had a few crocodile stories!

Here is Finn's dad telling a story using footsteps sounds by tapping a stick against the floor. Suspense!

Classic nursery rhymes such as Two Little Dickie Birds have found a new life!

And of course, YOU can be in the story too!

It doesn't need to be fancy, stories don't need to have a beginning or an end, not even a plot! Finn has had so much fun creating scenes of crocodile-eat-man/ man-eat-bird/ dinosaur-eat-finger!


  1. So cool! Elise would love this. Also, I think I spy a little frog habitat on a tray - can you tell us more about that when you get a chance? You always have such great science and cultural ideas!

    1. Hi Anne, what you see is our Five Little Speckled Frogs play scene. I found the idea on The Imagination Tree

  2. c'est trop beau! j'ai hate de faire ça avec Enola :)

  3. Amazing! Another interesting idea from you. I will use this with my nieces during hollidays and in future with my daughter. And congratulations on finishing your Montessori course. I'm thinking about taking toddlers course this summer. XO Blanka/


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