Monday, 7 April 2014

Our snail garden

The weather here has been rather wet recently, and Finn didn't fail to notice snails appearing everywhere outside! We made a snail den at the park yesterday but the worse weather today prompted us to take the snails inside for a bit of company and a closer look.
Finn loved his two jobs: spray water on the snails regularly, and catch any escapees before they made it out of the box!

We made a pretty garden for the snails with treasure found outside but they were quick to destroy it! Who would have thought those small, slow creatures could change their environment so much in so little time?

We have a snail story in my family. A long time ago, my dad kept pet snails in a big fish tank at home. He was proud to show his dad and step mother one evening as they were spending a couple of days there. That evening, for the first time, my dad forgot to replace the lid of the tank. His step mother got up early the next morning and SCREAMED! There were snails all over the house! On the floor, on the walls, on the sofa, on the breakfast table, dozens of snails everywhere! That is why my dad's house is now called Snail House.

Keeping snails at home brings back such fond memories of doing this with my brother as a child. Snails really have played a part in my childhood, and not just because I'm French! (we don't eat them, by the way)


  1. Interesting! Thank you for the idea! :)

  2. What an interesting story, I didn't know it!!

  3. What a pretty little snail house - I can't believe they decided to remodel it so quickly! ;) Also, I can't imagine waking up to snails all over the house - I probably would have screamed, too!

  4. You're so brave to risk re-creating your own "snail house!" :)


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