Saturday, 3 May 2014

The magic of salt

I had close to no expectations when I set up a wooden tray with a thin layer of salt on Finn's shelves. I was inspired by this post but didn't think that a 2-year-old would get much out of it and probably wouldn't really engage in the activity. How wrong was I! He immediately spotted it and made marks in the salt with his hands. He then grabbed a dinosaur and used it to make tracks. One idea led to another (his or mine) and he emerged from his play SIXTY MINUTES later! I have rarely seen him so focused and I love that he surprised me today.

Have you tried salt play with your children? What did they enjoy doing most with it?


  1. This is a really cute idea! Seems so obvious somehow and at the same time, nothing I would have thought of doing! I think you're totally right... We wouldn't expect them to 'play' and then we're totally wrong!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Miss Four is stood next to me and she wants to try it right away :-)

    1. Let me know if she liked it and what she did with it!


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