Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Exploration of the geometric solids

I had grand plans when we started this. We would roll the flour flat and make prints with the geometric solids (as seen on several blogs), staying OUT of the box. Finn was not in the least interested in making prints though. As soon as he saw the flour, he felt it through his fingers, removed his trousers and jumped in eagerly! He was ecstatic and I could see that the sensory input was truly making him happy!
He explored the flour for a long time. He buried his dinosaurs in flour and when he had buried them all, he looked for something else. That's when he spotted the box of geometric solids patiently waiting nearby.

He was very engrossed as he sifted flour over each geometric solid, watching them disappear in all sorts of funny ways.

This game lasted for half of the afternoon and I love how he called me to share his discoveries with me. He was really fascinated! He doesn't know the names of the solids yet but when he does, we'll play a solids hide and seek game in the flour; he'll have to guess which solid is hidden from only a teeny tiny bit of it peeping out.

And afterwards, spontaneous practical life!

(By the way, I used wheat flour to get rid of it as we are starting a gluten free diet. Have any of you tried going gluten free?)


  1. Love the spontaneous practical life at the end! Looks like fun ;)

    1. Flour baths have become a favourite activity!

  2. A giant tub of flour?! How fun! The geometric solids are on my Montessori materials wish list.

    1. I had been wanting the geometric solids for ages as I really love this material. What other Montessori materials are on your wish list? I'm curious ;)


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