Friday, 25 July 2014

Montessori activities at 2.5 years old


Here's a picture of Finn's shelves as they are now.

1. Cutting tray. He's a bit bored with cutting paper strips so at the moment he's got flower stems from the garden.

2. Observation basket. That's where he puts the treasure he finds outside: pine cones, fallen leaves, feathers, snail shells, funny twisty branches...

3. Peppa Pig Aquadoodle picture cards and pen. Definitely his favourite work at the moment. If Peppa Pig can help him improve his pencil grip, I'm happy!

4. Drawing in cornmeal. Just a shallow layer of cornmeal and a stick. He likes that one but won't take it off the shelf for some reason.

5. Horses clothespins legs. Four horse bodies of different colours cut out from paper with four pairs of clothespins of matching colour to attach as legs. I got the idea from here.

6. Packlocks and keys. I made the board after seeing one here.

7. Collage tray. Coloured tissue paper, black card and white glue with glue spreader.

8. Colour mixing. Drop coloured water in the ice cube tray using a pipette. Then give to mummy to freeze!

9. Play dough basket. I use this recipe. He has a rolling pin, 2 silicone cupcake moulds, 3 candles, 6 goggly eyes and a few shape cutters. I found out with this that less is more!

10. Sifting salt from rice. He enjoys this but can't remember the steps yet and often ends up mixing the salt and rice again by accident. Frustrating, but he's working on it!

11. His beloved Lego, which he uses every single day to make "digger planes." He owes his great manipulative skills to them.

Now a word on trays and containers as it can be hard to find appropriate ones.

The two dark green trays you can see on the picture (numbers 3 and 7) are actually plant trays. They are the perfect size and can contain wet activities. These one were £2 each at Frosts garden centre. We also borrow them from the shelves to use as landform trays with clay once in a while.

The tray holding the colour mixing is an inking tray from Rainbow Creations. It cost £1.90. It's a good, sturdy tray but a bit difficult to pick up for a child as it doesn't have handles.

The tray containing the sifting activity is in fact the plastic lid from a chocolate box. I protected the edges with black electrical tape. It works perfectly and cost nothing! I got a few of those boxes from our scrap shop.

All the baskets you can see in the picture, plus the cornmeal tray, come from charity shops and car boot sales.

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