Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Two colour mixing activities

Here are two colour mixing activities we tried.
1. Mixing paint in a food bag

and drawing on it with a cotton bud

My verdict: Great hands-on activity with no mess. The green showed really clearly. I would enjoy doing it again.

Finn's verdict: Ok activity but not messy enough to be fully engaging. Not sure if he would like to do it again.

2. Adding paint to Gloop (cornstarch + water)

My verdict: Nice contained activity. I particularly liked to watch the colours swirl.

Finn's verdict: Engaged for 40 minutes, swirling the colours into each other. Asking for more paint. He would LOVE to do it again!

And in case you're wondering to what happened to the Gloop afterwards:

Did I say it was a contained activity??

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