Monday, 14 July 2014

Washing his hands

Can your child reach the tap to wash their hands independently? Finn can't. (and his Fun Pod isn't much help as he can't get on it by himself)
I had been putting off setting up a bowl of water that would be accessible, because I was worried that he would tip it off or not be careful with it. Also, I didn't have a bowl the right size, had nowhere to hang a towel, didn't have a small table to put it all on... I was looking for solutions but couldn't really find any. Nothing seemed good enough so I just didn't do it.
One day, as I realised how heavy Finn had become to lift up to the tap, I decided to just set up something with items from around the house, even if it wasn't perfect. 
I used a bedside table that we weren't really using for anything useful, the washing up bowl we take camping, a jug, a basket of washable wipes, a mirror, a towel for the floor, a towel to dry hands, and a liquid soap dispenser.  The bowl is too big and  I have nowhere to hang the hand towel. I still need to add a container for dirty wipes. It is really not perfect, but at least it exists! Proof below! 
I use the jug to fill the bottom of the bowl with fresh water every morning (less than an inch deep) and Finn uses it to wash his hands and face after meals. We have had problems with over enthusiastic use of soap, forgetting to squeeze wipes before washing his face, carrying drippy wipes around with him and trying to hoover up the water from the bowl with the vacuum cleaner (it worked). But if I look at the larger picture, these incidents only happen one time out of ten and only when he is very tired, so I should be able to avoid them in the future.
Have you set up something similar for your child? Please share your links in the comments!


  1. Hi Elsa! You've written so many nice posts - I can't wait to get caught up! I'd like to set something up like this for Elise. We have stools in front of our bathroom sinks, but Elise has to really stretch to reach the faucets.

    1. It's definitely worth doing as it gives them such independence!


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