Wednesday, 1 October 2014

4 arrow games we played

Finn has been noticing arrows everywhere and asking me what they are for. So we made a set of four laminated arrows to play some games at home.
The first game we played is very simple and reinforces the meaning of arrows. I hid something under one of the cups while Finn looked away and moved the arrow to indicate its position. Very simple, but Finn loved it and we played it many, many times. 

The second game we played was slightly more elaborate. A treasure hunt! Finn followed arrows to a patch of land and a note saying "dig" which he had to read to find out where the treasure was. That's what I meant when I wrote about "planting" words around the house in this post.

Hmm, a chocolate!

And guess what, he wanted to play it again straight afterwards! Trying to avoid using up my chocolate stash, I thought of a different treasure hunt.

He followed arrows from the garden (where he had been waiting) to the house. The arrows led to another note! This one was more difficult to read, but he managed with some help.

And what was up there??

Two of his toys combined in a funny way (a dog riding a car). He didn't even think about asking for another chocolate!

For the last game we played, I tried to recreate those arrow signs you see in town to help you find the museum, town centre, public toilets... which he has asked me about many times.

I drew pictures of objects to find while following the direction of the arrows.

As you can see in the photo below, my pole is a litter pick stood in a bag of toys. It could also work with a broom stood in a basket of blocks, or Lego. It doesn't need to be very sturdy fortunately as the child does not need to touch it.

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  1. What fun! Elise would probably love playing these games - especially the one involving chocolate! Also, I really like the idea of "planting" words around the house - must remember that one. :) Oh, and Finn's red boots are awesome!

    1. Let me know if you try one of those games with Elise, Anne!

  2. I love your ideas. Will tick these away for when my son is older. Thanks for sharing

    1. I'm very glad you like them, Nduoma!


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