Thursday, 9 October 2014

How important is creative play for children?

Shortly after we returned from our road trip to Austria, Finn started recreating parts of the journey that were particularly important to him. Blocks, magnets, drawings and many everyday objects were used in this play.

He explained this Geomag construction to me. The large enclosed area is France. The triangle inside it is England. The remaining piece is the Eurotunnel with the cars inside.

The idea of a tunnel under the sea fascinated him for weeks. We even made a model of it for him using kitchen towel rolls, loo paper rolls and toy cars. His recreations were endless and all different!

Being able to catch a glimpse of his understanding through his creations is priceless. England inside France? Somehow he wanted to connect the two countries and came up with that.

Creative play has such immense benefits to children:

- It helps them develop critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities.
- It gives them a deeper understanding of the world around them.
- It supports their emotional development as creativity becomes a way to express their feelings in a positive way.

How can you support your child's creative play?

Free, uninterrupted time is the secret to productive creative play. As you would schedule a playdate or a field trip, plan large chunks of unstructured time for your child. Finding a balance between planned activities and free time allows your child to experience a diversity of experiences as well as opportunities for an emotional outlet.

Give them materials to create with. Junk materials from the recycling bin are ideal. Lego, simple blocks, figurines of animals/people, art materials, natural items...
Provide your child with time and materials and let them do the rest!

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  1. Another great post! I totally agree with you... TIME and materials.
    Or if it has to be just one thing, TIME.
    ...And no meddling! Just leave them to it - indoors or out :-)
    I'm really loving your quick, simple posts full of inspiration to just take and run with!

    Wrote this post a while ago: 3 Things Every Parent Should Know About Creativity... Maybe you're interested? :-)

    1. Absolutely, time has to be #1! Children are so ressourceful, they will find their own materials out of the most unexpected items!

      Thanks for linking to your post, I love it!


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