Friday, 14 November 2014

3 ideas to repurpose children's art

Some children can be so incredibly prolific when it comes to art, especially in the stage of discovery, or process art. This is when the focus is on doing rather than achieving a masterpiece.
The products of the discovery are often beautiful in spontaneity and many parents choose to keep them to remember their little explorer many years from now. But piles grow as we lack space to store them all and threaten to take over our already covered walls.
Here are 3 ways I have found to not only store, but showcase Finley's beautiful art.

1. I used the edge of the Montessori inset frames to trace a square on the paintings and cut them out. I arranged them in a geometric pattern on a piece of coloured card and framed it. 

2. We make banners! Lots of them. I cut the art into triangles and Finn helped me sew a straight stitch through them all on the sewing machine.

I find bubble wrap printing is ideal for banners. I sandwiched our rectangles between a long piece of washi tape folded over lengthways.

 3. Cards! I used the same template as for the collage (the edge of the Montessori inset frames) to cut out the art to make cards. We have quite a stock of cards ready to be sent for all occasions now!

What are your favourite ways of reusing your children's art? Please share!

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  1. Belles créations enfantines superbement mises en valeur, un joli travail à quatre mains! Bravo!

  2. Lovely ideas. Storing away to use in future.

  3. Hi Elsa - I left you a comment a few days ago, but it must not have worked! I was wondering what kind of paper Finn uses for painting. I love that he uses so many real, quality art materials. I bought Elise a set of the Stabilo woody crayons after seeing them here, and we are all enjoying them so much! I pinned every one of these re-purposed art ideas because I want to try them all!!!

    1. Hi Anne, Finn mostly uses cheap cardstock from Poundland at the moment and it's fine for most artwork. It's not good for watercolours though, and I should buy some proper watercolour paper - thanks for reminding me through your comment!. What kind of paper does Elise use? I'm glad you're enjoying the Stabilo Woody!

  4. Oh, cardstock is a good idea. Elise uses whatever I can scrounge up - old notebooks, cardboard, junk mail envelopes... I also bought a roll of easel paper awhile ago, and Elise uses that a lot , too, although it's pretty flimsy for paint and glue. I keep thinking I should pick up some watercolor paper.


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