Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A marathon of work

I hope you all had a nice Christmas - We spent it in France with my family and had a wonderful time.
The three of us came back to the UK refreshed. Finn especially has very much been enjoying his playroom since we got back.
Today he chose work after work on his shelves, completely independently, putting his work away each time.
Even before getting dressed, he insisted on building a house for his animals. I helped him build it and we sorted the figures into herbivores and carnivores. He noticed by himself that there are many more herbivores than carnivores, which will be helpful groundwork for when we learn about food chains.

He then chose to practice screwing, which engaged him for a good while.

Threading small pony beads on an embroidery needle, for the second time today already. The first one was just after waking up. He asked me to count the beads with him as he threaded them (61 in total), then pointed to a random one and asked me what number that one was. We had to count again from the start. He was absolutely enthralled by this repetitive counting, which made me think that now would be a good time to introduce the number rods to him.

As you can see from the picture below, it wasn't! He had difficulty watching the presentation, and even more difficulty doing the work himself. He simply wasn't into it so we packed it away, got dressed and went for a walk.

I didn't mean for him to resume his work period in the afternoon but he did, choosing the geoboard.

He then chose to do all of the card works available on the shelves.

Here he is making animal families, asking me questions about their names, and about how we can tell "which one is the mummy and which one is the daddy".

He surprised me with his patience when stacking the cards to put them away.

A favourite work of his is sorting animals according to their means of transport.

Matching botanical drawings with photographs of the specimen.

Matching objects with their silhouettes.

Nesting dolls x2 for increased difficulty.

Here he is looking at the objects "van", "pig" and "box", casually and correctly answering my requests ("please show me the object that ends in x/ begins with v/ has the sound i...")

He said he was going to write "no" from "no, you can't come into my house!" from the three little pigs.

He then had me read a silly word, which he made sure had alternating red and blue letters for easier reading.

His final work of the day, Melissa and Doug's "See and Spell".

Wow, that's a lot! I'm amazed that he tidied everything away after him each time!

And now the little worker is asleep, recuperating from a hard day's work!

Can you tell what a proud mummy I am?


  1. Truly amazing! I love love love your cards

  2. I love the animal family cards. Did you make them from online printables? I think my daughter Lotus would love them.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, yes they were printables I made into cards a few years ago. I just checked and you can easily find animal family cards to download for free online. Your daughter's name is beautiful by the way :)

  3. The screwing block is a great idea too!

  4. I am surprised Finn does not enjoy the Number Rods .. Adrian does and so long as I make it fun or he is mobile (he needs to go to the other room to bring the next rod), he is interested http://www.montessorifromtheheart.com/my-blog/2016/02/early-math-with-numbers-rods-sandpaper-numbers.html


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