Monday, 15 December 2014

Our Africa continent box

The playroom tour gave you an overview of Finn's learning area; now it is time to look closer and take a peek inside our continent boxes, our most loved learning material of all time! You already had a look through our Asia continent box, so today Finn and I are taking you to the lands of the elephants (who's read too much Babar...?) !
Putting away the South America box... before choosing the Africa one

Who's the scary mummy...?

....laughing underneath his bandages!

Our Africa continent box is full to the brim with interesting pictures and artefacts.

A Masai statuette, an Egyptian scarab, a sand rose, a flamingo feather, coins from Algeria, African music, a map, postcards, bandage to become a mummy, a djellaba...

A keyring with pictures of Africa-related books we own that are stored in a basket in the room.

Home made matching cards of people and animals, which are now used to play memory games. Here's a post about how I make our picture cards.

Continent boxes are such fun to put together and use! They have been adored by Finn since he was just 2 years old.
They are contributing so much to his knowledge of our world and he can really relate when he hears the name of a continent. This, I'm sure, is such a strong cultural as well as emotional foundation for him as he grows up figuring out his place on Earth.


  1. And Finn's so big now, too! So fast! I love your continent boxes and the wonders inside them! I can't wait to set one up for Cara.

    1. You can start already! I started putting them together before he was even conceived!


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