Sunday, 21 December 2014

Round and round the Pink Tower

Ahh... the Pink Tower. The most emblematic Montessori material.
I have a bad habit (call it incompetence if you like) of offering Montessori lessons too early, and the Pink Tower was one of the victims of my ignorance as I showed it to Finn before he was 2. This material is better suited to children between 2.5 and 3 years olds, as that is when they begin to have an interest for size seriation and building. After Finn didn't show much interest a year ago, our Pink Tower went into storage. I mentioned it a few times to him after he turned 2 and a half, but he was never interested.
Last night, as I was browsing through a Montessori website, he spotted the Pink Tower over my shoulder and said "we have that! Can I do it?" I shut my laptop quicker than my shadow (never miss an opportunity!) and retrieved the object of interest for him.

I demonstrated to him and then he had a go. Then it was my go again apparently. Then his again.

"It's beautiful, mummy."

Walking around the tower was a highlight for him. He loved that part and wouldn't stop!

This morning, he asked to work with the tower again... Not to build it, just to walk around it a few more times...

I love my cheeky boy!

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