Thursday, 19 June 2014

A few things we've tried

 Mixing one part white glue with one part shaving foam to make cloud pictures (they dry but remain spongy - interesting texture!)

Our first cake decorating experience - why do the pictures always look so much better than the actual result??

When we were in Austria, we bought puffed rice balls that Finn loved. He has gone off them now and we had tons of them to use up, so we crushed some of them for the ants in our garden.

We also used them to make some art. We mixed paint with white glue, dipped the rice balls in and arranged them on some cardstock. I tried a 3D sculpture which you can see in the background, and the next day it was rock hard!
Finn really enjoyed crushing coloured chalk on our patio. Later he poured water from his watering can over it all and watched the chalk turn into a paste and the colours combine.
One day, Finn looked confused not to be able to see the contents of a ceramic bowl from underneath. I thought we could build on that to introduce the words "opaque" and "transparent". I took 6 lidded containers, 3 opaque and 3 transparent. I placed a different object in each.  I gave each to Finn in turn and asked him what object was in the container. He could easily tell me what was in the transparent boxes but not in the opaque ones. I explained that the boxes through which we can see through are called "transparent" and the ones where we can't see the objects are "opaque."


Sunday, 15 June 2014

A felt world map

Can you spot the newest addition to our playroom? You can't really miss it!

I'm really pleased with how this map turned out. I didn't take any photos of the making process, but I used two sheets of foam core boards side by side (from Hobbycraft) which I covered in blue felt. I printed and cut out the continent shapes from this website, taped them to the coloured felt and cut them out. Positioning them took a long time and it's not perfect but it will do. I glued the continents on using craft glue. The supplies for this project cost about £16. Much better than the £95 for this map! 
It's attached to the wall with Command strips, which means we can take it down to use on the floor if needed.

I can see so many uses for this map! Finn already enjoys matching the continent puzzle map pieces to the continents on the felt map. As he is interested in animals, I can now show him where the animals live on the map and he likes placing them in their home continent. He is starting to recognise the shape of a few continents in books and on his continent boxes. His favourite is definitely Antarctica at the moment and he loves saying the name! I'm planning to take one object from each continent box for him to match to the continents on the map and keep a basket of them on his shelves.

I would love it if you shared any ideas for activities to do with a map like this!
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