Saturday, 10 January 2015

Three years old

Today, Finley turned 3!

We had decided on a low-key birthday this year and it definitely was the right decision for our family. Just the three of us and all his wishes granted. He asked for a "pfannkuchentorte" (a cake made of pancakes stacked on top of one another) for a birthday cake, which he has been dreaming of since he first read this Pettersson und Findus book a year ago.

Participating in making the "pancake cake cake," as he calls it, was the best thing that happened today according to him. He insisted on having cherries in his cake, and when we couldn't find them in one shop, his daddy promised to go to every single shop in town if he had to.

The cherries were found, and the cake was made and decorated by Finn himself.

This was the first time we had done the Montessori birthday game and we all enjoyed it. I find it so meaningful and grounding for a young child.

We explain that the Earth went around the Sun "x" times since the child was born (as many times as the child's age). We place a lit candle (the Sun) in the middle of the room and give the child a globe (the Earth). The child walks around the candle, holding the globe, as many times as their age. We ask them to stop at specific points, where we show them photographs of them when they were younger, telling them their story from birth to now.

A beautiful birthday tradition.

Finally, I had prepared a little birthday interview for our little star of the day. This is also a new tradition we started this year and will continue in the years to come, asking him the very same questions each year.

All in all, an excellent birthday for our little prince!

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  1. J'adore le questionnaire et les réponses de Finou!


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