Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Dig-a-dino DIY

Finn has been into dinosaurs for quite a while, and recently he has also found an interest in skeletons. Oh... and digging.
So I had been looking for a good dinosaur fossil excavating kit for him as I knew he would love it. I am very picky on quality though and won't spend money if it isn't worthwhile.
First, size. If it's tiny, it's not engaging. 90% of the kits I saw were too small and toy-like.
If the kit includes some "tools" such as a plastic chisel and a plastic hammer, I won't buy it. You can't dig into hard material with plastic tools. A child trying it would be beyond frustrated.
When I couldn't find a satisfactory kit ready to purchase, I decided to make it myself. I purchased this dinosaur skeleton. During one naptime, I mixed some plaster of Paris with sand and soil for realism and buried the separate bones inside the plaster bowl.
Let's dig into this hard thing!
What's that??

It was a complete surprise for Finn. I didn't tell him there was anything inside the plaster. I gave him no clue. He found out everything by himself.

He deducted the name of the dinosaur from the bony plates he could see on the bones. A stegosaurus!

Scrubing them was particularly hard work (which, needless to say, he enjoyed immensely).

And there we were 45 minutes later, a complete (quality) Stegosaurus skeleton!


  1. Magnifique leçon de choses, la pédagogie telle qu'on la rêve!

    1. Merci! Et on peut dire que ca lui a plu!

  2. This is awesome! And Finn looks so big already! I'm so happy to be back here and see his activities!


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