Sunday, 23 August 2015

Exploring Japan

I love it when an interest opens a whole new world, which happens frequently with Finn. He has been extremely interested in trains, and in particular Japanese high-speed trains. His curiosity has been piqued at the mere mention of Japan recently, and he was the one suggesting we make a Japan display.
We collected a few relevant artefacts from our Asia continent box: A small buddha, children's chopsticks, a bookmark with a picture of a Japanese lady.
I added a white felt top to our volcano model to make Mount Fuji, wrote a Haiku on a blackboard, and grabbed two books: I live in Tokyo and Children Just Like Me.
We discovered riddle haikus, which we found quite amusing.

We made origami cats, a flag of Japan and a Japanese carp streamer. The books really interested Finn and he asked many questions. We watched this video about making Kokeshi dolls. Of course, we also had to watch a video of Japanese bullet trains.
We had noodles, which he ate with his chopsticks, and are planning on making sushi together.
Japan has of course cropped up in Finn's role play. He rehearses his trip to Japan most days, pretending to row a boat while escaping sharks. He has even converted quite a few playmates to this exciting game!

Who said geography can't be fun?


  1. Hi Elsa! This is great - I think Elise is ready to explore geography a little more. I'd like to put together some continent boxes - I'll have to go back and read your post on your boxes. The Japan display is so appealing!

    1. I would wholeheartedly recommend continent boxes!! They are really super fun. I'm happy to do a culture swap with you if you would like. We don't have much at all from North America!


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