Monday, 28 December 2015

The den building craze

It's been a long time since I last wrote here. Life has been quiet for us recently, with quite a lot of time spent at home as the weather has been rather wet. For the last three months, Finn has been fully involved in one of his new passions: building dens. He uses anything he can find in the house; sofa parts, cushions, dining chairs, his table, his Fun Pod, blankets, string lights... anything at all. It has been such a strong interest for him, that he would build new dens twice a day, every day. In the past three months there hasn't been a single day without a new den somewhere in the house.

He carries such a sense of purpose when building. Gathering materials, arranging them into the shape he imagines, creating multiple tunnel entrances, cosy corners, even toy storage inside the dens, which he calls his houses.

Experimenting with tunnels

Using chairs to prop up sofa cushions, a blanket for a roof. This particular blanket has an integrated pocket on one side; he spent a long time thinking up different ways to drape it over his structure so that the pocket would be on the inside to become toy storage.

Here he decided to build the house around the existing toy shelf for ease of access

He loved using a very large cardboard box to make a wall.

The den above has several areas: a snack and Lego table, a book nook, a doll's bedroom and a sleeping area.

Yes, he did sleep in it one night. And so did I!

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