Sunday, 13 November 2016

Busy week (45)

The start of the week was very quiet for us as Finn had a cold, which was then transferred on to Noah. Finn was supposed to spend three full days with the childminder as she had space on more days than usual but I decided to keep him home so he could rest and recover. He was frustrated as he loves going there. Here are a few photos from home.

A very excited baby!

He doesn't look ill, does he?

Quietly looking at pictures in books all snuggled up on the sofa.

I have been reading "Baby-led potty training" by Amber Hatch which has motivated me to do a bit more "pottying" with Noah. We did EC (elimination communication) with Finn as a baby but I hadn't really taken the time to get it going with Noah. This week at home was a good opportunity for lots of nappy-free time. A couple of days only after I got more serious I got the impression that Noah was starting to understand that he could control his bowel to some extent. He definitely holds for a bit before I hold him over a potty. Babies are amazing!

A friend sold me a wrap! I'm so happy with it, I've been trying different ways of carrying Noah. I put him on my back all by myself, I was so proud I had to send Chris a picture at work.

Some rough and tumble play with my big boy. We did a few rounds of wrestling and stopped after he was sick. Oops!

He was well enough on Friday to go to a home educators workshop to build Lego bridges. He was very proud, and Chris had taken the day off to be with us.

We had a lovely lunch at Ask (who have a vegan menu, yey!)

Finn had tomato sauce EVERYWHERE!


Later in the afternoon we took Finn to his new dance class.

On Saturday we stayed home because we had been so busy the previous day, but we went for a torch walk after dinner which was good fun. We even ended up in a pub for drinks completely unexpectedly!

Today Sunday we packed a picnic and headed off to Appleton playground. The weather was beautiful, clear skies, low warm sun, a gentle breeze... very Autumnal.

Noah and I had a go on the big swing... He doesn't look particularly happy but he was very calm.

And then Finn was introduced to table tennis (after I beat daddy even though I was carrying a baby, haha!).

The evening was sweet...

Daddy made us a lovely vegan Sunday roast while we played with the wrap. Finn declared that he was a pirate sleeping in a hammock on his ship and we had to make a mast with sails.

Now all are in bed and I'm nodding off myself...

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Busy week (44)

I was surprised to find very few pictures of our week. We did so much!

On Monday we went to a great workshop for home educators; building catapults! Finn loved it and designed his own catapult. As his assistant I was dubious as to whether it would work but it did!

The children had to fire different objects and measure the distance travelled by each one.

During one of Noah's long naps Finn and I had a look at his baby blog which he loved. We watched a video of him doing housework as a toddler which prompted him to do some chores around the house. He decided to hang out the washing - with a twist; He first arranged the chairs so that he could jump from one to another in a circle. Each time he reached the clothes drying rack he would hang one piece of clothing. Efficient? Not so much. Fun?  Yes :)

Back to an old love of his, building with cardboard. He made a great car all by himself.

Both boys admiring a beautiful mobile I bought on Etsy.

Sadly those are all the photos I seem to have taken.

There has been a shocking amount of Lego play and audio books, as usual. We organised a little Autumn celebration with some friends at the park which was really nice. Finn dressed up as a wizard and was very proud of his flying broomstick (an actual, large stick) and his wand (a smaller stick with a cardboard star at the end).

On Friday we went to our home ed co-op where one of the mums organised an activity about constellations and the stories behind them. Finn was a bit too hyper to want to participate though.

Since I have run out of photos I will say a bit about the books we are reading.

We found this one at the library and really like it. I'm not much into monsters (Finn loves them) but this book is different in that it shows creatures from ancient folklore and classic legends, telling a little bit about each and whetting your appetite for more. I see it as a good introduction to mythology.

 For a while I have been wanting to introduce Finn to Peter Pan so have been borrowing different versions from the library to first read myself. I love the original but thought it would be a bit much for Finn. I was really pleased to find a graphic novel version with the actual words from the original in a way that is easier to digest for younger children. Finn loved it so much!

This sticker book has been fantastic. It digs deeper than the Usborne sticker books we have had in the past and perfect for Finn right now. I think it would make a great present for any child. Look it up!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Busy week (43)

For the past two months Finn has been completely obsessed with Lego (the little ones, not the Duplo anymore). He has a few sets and plays with them all day every day. Trying to extend Lego play to other learning areas I suggested that we take photos of his builds and make a book. He was so enthusiastic that he took the pen from my hand as I got ready to take dictation for the captions/descriptions and wrote them himself! I didn't know he had the stamina to write more than one or two letters at a time, he surprised me! He is so proud he has been showing off his book to friends and family.

He decided to make gingerbread men without a recipe... sorry Finn but we can call that one a total failure!

His Lego creations are so well thought-out. Always symmetrical.

Listening to a meditation after a fun yoga session.

Finn loves having his little brother next to him while he plays and Noah looks fascinated.

We've been reading a lot of Enid Blyton. "The adventures of the wishing-chair" is much loved. As you can see, we get reading requests first thing in the morning.

More Lego play and mobile watching.

Some brotherly time...

More brotherly time, more Lego...

We took a friend's dog for a walk.

Played in the leaves at the Botanic Gardens.

And picked up some litter at our local park.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Busy week (34)

I usually post on Sundays photos of that week and I intend to continue doing that. However, I have missed a few weeks due to our new baby being born and I just found photos that were taken just before his birth that I hadn't yet posted. So today I'm going to go back and reminisce about life with one child!

Finn isn't really into sea life anymore, at least not at the level he was at at the start of the year. but he really enjoyed reading this book together and especially looking up some related videos on the Usborne website. Some Usborne books are "internet-linked" and offer a great source of media. You can print most of the illustrations from the book and that's what we did as Finn wanted to make a collage.   

Finn likes to randomly decide that it is one of our birthdays. On the day this picture was taken he had declared that it was daddy's birthday and we were going to prepare a surprise. He made about ten paintings for his dad! 

He said: "I think it's going to rain." So he sat outside to wait for it.

Cutting up socks to help me with a sewing project: Upcycled cloth sponges. He was extremely focused and did this work for over an hour.

My mum came to stay with us for a week when the baby was due. She missed the birth as Noah came a week after his due date but we got to spend some lovely moments together. 

Two hours of sand and water fun at a park in Oxford.

We went to a board game café (Thirsty Meeples for our local friends).

Of course, Finn's favourite was a silly monster game!

Sunday, 23 October 2016


... our new little love, Noah Zéphyr!

Born peacefully at home at the start of September, we could not live without him now!

Both children are doing very well and Finn is an amazing big brother.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Busy week (33)

I had an impression that we hadn't done much this week but looking through the photos on the camera for this blog post I realise we have actually done quite a lot!

The photo below was taken on Monday morning before breakfast. Finn sorted all the cards to match the geometric solids.

He was in a great mood for work that day, as he asked afterwards to do some maths. I can't remember how he came to it now but he asked if we could try and find out the result for 110 + 110 + 110 + 110 + 110... etc. I believe it is quite common for children to want to find out the sum of the same number added to itself many times. I asked him to just tell me how many 110s he wanted to add together, and he said 20. I showed him how we could write it down as 110 x 20 rather than the very long addition and talked a bit about multiplication. I suggested he laid out his operation using the beads, which is what he has done in the photo below. We then counted all the tens, swapping for 2 "hundreds" when we got to 10, then did the same for the hundreds.

The result of an operation always leads to more questions for Finn, so naturally 2200 was one of the factors for the multiplication below, which he made up: 2200 x 4. I suggested he uses teddies to make it more playful, which he loved. He shared out the beads between the toys before adding them all up.  

Proud boy!

The infinity book is still a work in progress (obviously!)

To allow him to be a bit more independent with the golden beads after noticing that he found it difficult to get the correct number of beads he needs I decided to push him a bit with teens as I wasn't sure he could remember all of their names. It turns out he really enjoyed playing a simple bingo game I printed off the internet.

I also wanted to reinforce how teen numbers are made as he got confused the other day trying to get the matching amount of beads thinking as 12 as 1+2 rather than 10+2. His work below, which wasn't fluent as I had anticipated.

We have a new music CD called "Here comes science" by We Might Be Giants. The music is great and it came with a DVD that has music videos. Finn has been really inspired by the songs to learn more about science.

He has been asking me to do more science experiments. The one below is a simple density experiment with golden syrup, water and oil. We followed up with a separate container in which we put just oil and water before adding washing up liquid to see if we could mix the oil and water together.

He asked to do the classic baking soda and vinegar experiment.

This is another activity from an Usborne activity book (we made a pirate treasure bag last week). Making an Egyptian mummy - aka making a dripping mess! It turned out quite good in the end and we also made a sarcophagus for it.

The highlight of the week was Lena's visit on Friday! Lena was au pair from Austria while I was doing my Montessori training. She looked after Finn between the ages of 18 months and 2 years old.

Have a great week!

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