Sunday, 12 June 2016

Keeping busy

It hasn't been easy keeping up with this blog in the past few months, partly due to being pregnant (baby is due in August!) I'm feeling more motivated to start posting again now, especially with the aim of recording Finn's interests and discoveries. I have been terrible at taking photos as well so I'm hoping writing on here will remind me to take more.

From this week on I'm going to try and give a weekly update, mostly photos so it doesn't take ages to write (I'm much more likely to keep at it if it's quick and easy!)

This time I'm going to post pictures of the last two weeks.

Recently we have observed a blackbird nest in our garden. We were all excited to see the four chicks and keep track of their progress while staying out of the way. It ended up being a proper survival lesson for Finn as one of the chicks died the day after leaving the nest. We have good hope for the remaining three however.

Finn is enjoying colour mixing, rainbows and watercolour painting.

A spontaneous collage on his bedroom window.

I bought him the Landmarks Safari Toob which he has been using a lot. Here he's preparing price labels for his "famous buildings" shop.

He is still very much into audio books and Roald Dahl stories. Here he was listening to The Enormous Crocodile while looking at the illustrations in the book.

I prepared this woodwork invitation for him to make a catapult the other day. It turned out harder than it looked, so he's had to ask daddy for help!

We started the Introduction to Biomes curriculum and here is a picture of our second lesson; The Sun and Earth. We talked about day and night, temperatures on Earth, why the Earth is at a perfect distance from the Sun and also mentioned the seasons briefly. We also did our third lesson, which was about food chains, a topic close to Finn's heart already.

Making vegan pancakes - still a few parameters to adjust I think!

We were lucky to observe a snail laying eggs in a plant pot in our garden! This led us to research snail reproduction and we are looking forward to checking on them regularly to observe progress.

Given Finn's interest in famous buildings I bought us a book with more information to look up. Seeing a picture of the pyramids of Giza reminded him of our Cleopatra board game which is themed around Ancient Egypt.

Finn still builds most days with his Melissa and Doug unit blocks and is learning tons through them.

Here he was looking for fossils at a local pit during our home educators weekly meet up.

Working on a transfer castle attack picture after a visit to Warwick castle.

A watercolour cow...

Rainy days bring out the snails, which he likes to observe for a while in a tub brought inside.

That's it for the last two weeks. Tomorrow he's off to his weekly Forest school session for International Mud Day!


  1. Super toutes ces activit├ęs!! Il me tarde de voir ce que vous faites chaque semaine :)

  2. Congratulations to your family for this new direction to your path. International Mud day sounds awesome. I know it's something Ash would get into .. maybe we'll celebrate next year :-)

    Best Wishes

    1. Belinda,

      I made a mistake, International Mud Day is on 29th June, so you have plenty of time to plan a celebration :)


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