Sunday, 3 July 2016

Busy week (26)

We had a great week, when even though my energy levels are starting to plummet on some days, Finn makes up for it by being super energetic, boisterous, and full of ideas and projects.

The start of the week was marked by Finn and his daddy building "the highest tower" morning after morning before Chris heading to work. Can you see the tiny tower next to Finn? I thought that was so cute next to Chris's tall one. When I looked at it closer I realised that even though it looks small, it was actually quite well thought out. Finn used quarters and halves to make wholes and he made sure it was symmetrical all round.

The next day, he used the blocks to work on fractions again. I love those blocks!

I gave Finn a step-by-step drawing book to see if he found it appealing. In retrospect I think he is much too young for so much direction, and needs to explore a lot more by himself first. He enjoyed the book very moderately and was so silly I decided to take the book back and keep him away from it for another couple of years. Mummies also learnt through trial and error!

Free drawing is much more interesting when you're 4.

He started making books with blank paper and staples and decided to make an "infinity book"! He has been very intrigued by the idea of infinity recently and can't quite get his head around it (who can??) I'm letting him explore by becoming his assistant and writing all the numbers EVER under his direction.

Playing with a solar energy model we made from a kit.

A year and a half ago I would have been so nervous seeing him do something like this and I may have tried to stop him. Taking a step back and observing has proven so worthwhile though, and I have become much more relaxed knowing that I can trust him to know his limits. 

I'm glad I have learnt not to interfere as I would surely have spoilt all the fun!

Yes, children will fall! There weren't any glass shards on the floor and he wasn't swinging above a river full of alligators so I wasn't too worried :)

His interest in big numbers (stemming from his infinity book) led me to realise he would very likely be interested in a Montessori lesson I had been holding off for a while: The introduction to the decimal system. The idea is for the child to get experience on how quantities relate to one another through a hands-on approach, as well as some new vocabulary such as unit, ten, hundred and thousand.  

We played a simple bank game so that Finn would hear the new words many times, where we took turns asking each other for specific quantities (eg. Can I have three hundred? Seven units? What have I got here?) He spontaneously used the beads he gathered to make a picture on the mat, which I thought was a great idea.

That I copied when it was my turn. I'm sure the pictures kept him engaged for longer than he would have been otherwise.

Planting spinach seeds with daddy at the weekend.

More work on the infinity book (we're currently up to 190, number names included!)

Making a contraption with gears.

And we released our butterflies!

Have a good week!

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