Sunday, 7 August 2016

Busy week (31)

Monday was the last Forest School session for this term. We certainly will miss it but will be back in September with the new baby in tow!

On Tuesday this week Finn wasn't feeling too well so we stayed home and played quietly which was very nice. Below is the board game Race to the Treasure, which is a fantastic cooperative game by Peaceable Kingdom.

Finn has become quite interested in music recently and uses his chime bars daily. He has learnt to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and is now working on Frere Jacques. He likes to arrange the felt notes and then play the tune, and sometimes he does it the other way around but it's much harder for him.

He has been working on making a solids mobile for his room. They took him quite a few painting sessions as the watercolours were quite runny and he had to wait for each side to dry before turning the solids over. He amazed me with his persistence, he finished it all himself over this week. You'll probably see the mobile next week when I've had a chance to put it together.

Finn is really into addition and every time he asks us "what is ... + ...?" our standard response is "how can you find out?" This time the question was 4+4 and he chose to use books to figure it out himself.

Seeing as he was enjoying painting the solids I suggested he painted the letters for his name to make a name sign for his bedroom door. He loved the paint splattering!

Finn's daddy is going to spend a bit more time with us during the week for the next few weeks while we wait for baby to arrive. Finn is delighted!

Here he found my expanding body a useful cover to escape photographs!

He spent more than an hour completely engrossed in sorting and threading beads the other day. He hadn't used beads at all for months and for the first time the colours and shapes seemed to matter to him.

Shelling broad beans was a new activity for him which led to plenty of questions about how beans grow.

An experiment on evaporation quickly turned into intentional flooding.

We received the birth pool for our home birth!

Great excitement all around when time came to test it!

Playtime with a friend for my sociable boy.

Making potions in the early morning sunshine.

Sunday was adventure day with daddy after a low-key week with mummy. They went to London on the train! Their destination was Kew Gardens for a science event about plants.

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