Monday, 15 August 2016

Busy week (32)

Only a few photos this week.

Playing trains is one of Finn's favourite things to play. He can really plan ahead and figure things out now.

Europe map. He was so confident he declined the use of the control map; he hadn't worked on this for a good while though so quite a few country names escaped him. We had a good refresher!

I took him to see a funny puppet show in our town. Giggles galore!

He asked to do the "fire needs oxygen" experiment again. He wondered if the flame would go out if he put the candle at the bottom of the glass and placed the plate on top. I asked for his hypothesis before testing it out and it turned out he had quite understood what would happen.

He was over the moon when we found this game in a charity shop as he had been wanting it for ages! "Mouse trap".

Weekly home ed meet up: running down hill again and again and again is so much fun!

He asked to make pirate treasure from an Usborne activity book we borrowed from the library.

Here is our team effort.

He hid the treasure and made a trail of all our shoes to help me find it! I loved that idea. We then played "shoe trail" for quite some time.

I love listening in when he paints. He tells all kinds of stories. The painting below shows a 3-eyed-monster with a funny sort of rainbow over him. The rainbow is that shape because of Earth tremors, which are the orange line at the bottom. Then it was the monster's birthday and he got covered in pink balloons and green sparkles.

Another lovely week!


  1. Oh, I like that fire needs air experiment. We did another with the bicarbonate vinegar reaction, although exciting because it required the pre existing knowledge that fire needs air and that the reaction created a gas and gas density it made understanding what happened pretty hard for little tree.

    Yours, and when it is understood that fire needs air, then mine would be a much better progression.

    1. Hi Belinda, I'm interested to know more about your experiment. Have you got a link, or could you give me a step by step? Thank you!


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