Sunday, 17 September 2017

Busy week - 11-17 sept 2017

This post will be very random as I have lots of photos I can't seem to put in any sort of order and too little time to figure it out. 

It's not unusual for Finn to wrap himself into his cosy blanket and lie on the floor while listening to an audiobook. On Monday morning we lost him for the world of The Enchanted Wood (Enyd Blyton). 

Noah is becoming more and more confident on his feet and has been working hard at pulling objects behind him as he takes a few tentative steps. 

Finn had been asking me to quiz him on additions so I thought he would enjoy filling in an addition chart. He did it in one sitting, immediately figuring out the pattern, and asked me to print out another one straight after. The next day I showed him a subtraction finger chart with accompanying subtraction equations slips to fill in. He took to it easily and has been working on it daily. 

We went to a new Forest School as Finn outgrew our old one. We now go to a fantastic forest school session with a little group of home educators. The immediate difference was the attitude to risk taking. At the new setting the children are encouraged to trust themselves to try new and potentially dangerous things. They are free to handle tools and fire. 

Finn was so proud of his car.

I love this photo of Noah I took in our garden. Whenever the weather is dry enough I let him explore freely. He stays there, often alone as Finn and I are not always inclined to join him, for up to an hour going about his business. This summer he ate all our raspberries while we weren't looking. He loves to play with soil and mud. Sometimes I catch him sitting quietly, observing a butterfly. 

 Photos in random order, sorry! At Forest school again, Finn helped peel some apples while another child mixed batter to make apple fritters on the fire.

One afternoon Finn was very into making a doll's house out of cardboard.

More random forest school photos!

Finn has taken a liking for nature journaling. We loosely follow a nature curriculum and the topic this week was seeds. Finn decided to draw a butterfly instead.

Then he draw some of the acorns we found, all over his double page! He came up with the idea of adding up the acorns from both pages to find out the total. I helped him write it out... and catastrophe, he forgot how to write an 8!

Salt tray to the rescue, phew!

On Saturday morning I took him to a trial class of Stagecoach, a dance/singing/acting class. He liked some of it, but is still very immature emotionally to get much out of it. At the moment I think this sort of thing causes more anxiety than enjoyment, but he may want to continue anyway. I'll follow his lead. He enjoyed the acting very much.

In the afternoon we went to a children's story event which was fantastic. The children had to find book characters in the ground of the manor, which were real people dressed up. It was so much fun!

 Finn got to enter a raffle for completing the character hunt, his very first.

And he won a book! He was ecstatic.

On Sunday we went to Winchester science centre for a Lego event. Above is a Lego bridge that anyone could help build.

Finn loved all the hands-on science exhibits.

Tonight after dinner, he wrote us a message in hieroglyphics. I am really impressed at his drawing stamina, which has come in leaps and bounds recently.

Also this week, but not pictured, was his great developing interest for Greek Mythology. What fun we had exploring mythical beasts, heroes, gods, myths and legends. I bought him this book which we have loved reading at bedtime. We quiz each other on Heracles's twelve tasks, Theseus and the minotaur, Perseus and the Gorgon, Bellerophon and Pegasus... We're excited to learn more about the myths and ancient Greece.

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