Saturday, 9 September 2017

Busy Week is back!

Yey, here I am again, once again motivated to try and keep track of our lives through this little blog. There is so much I want to remember and taking the time to take photos and record our days has to be a priority. They grow so fast...

So here are a few snippets from the last couple of weeks.

For those of you who lost track of us during my long blog hiatus, Noah is now a year old and getting into everything. He explores constantly, is always on the move. At mealtimes he sits in his chair for about 5 mins and then stands up on it asking to get down, or climbing onto the table. Recently he has taken to emptying kitchen cupboard so he can climb in!

Noah on his first birthday. We could hardly get a smile out of him all day as he was teething.

His present from us was a small wagon. Not intended for children to sit in but he hasn't quite got the idea and thinks it's an indoor pushchair or something!

I made a beautiful flowery, fruity raw vegan cake for his birthday.

Two little boys all ready for a cycling adventure when most children were back at school.  A picnic, library, park. I like to keep things simple.

Back at home we sat in the garden reading our new library books. Finn was very happy to find this book about mythological creatures. He has been very interested in monsters and dangerous creatures, but since reading Harry Potter he really wants to know more about creatures such as dragons, Phoenix, trolls, werewolves... A great topic which will very likely lead him to Greek mythology.  

A weekend trip to Oxford Natural History museum for a crafts session about ancient Egyptians. Finn really surprised me by wanting to take part when usually all group activities (with instructions!!) are a no-no. I guess he's growing up...

Nature journaling - Garden spiders! One of them has built a web on the outside of one of our windows, at child's eye level, which is perfect for drawing from observation from the warmth of the house.

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